For this type of specialty, only pork from national farms is used, the porchetta trunk is taken from the pork side, removing the ham and the forequarter, then it is boned and trimmed then salted, peppered and filled with a abundant chopped rosemary, garlic and fennel.

After the stuffing, the trunk is rolled up and tied, finally put to bake in an oven. After cooking, the trunk, which has reduced by about 40% from its initial weight, is taken out and left to rest for 24 hours to cool and settle.

A well-made trunk is the one with the rind on the back that has a color between caramel and light brown and must be crunchy, not chewy. The meat must be white-pink, compact, rightly soft and the flavor must be in perfect balance between the savory of the salt, the spiciness of the pepper and the aromatic flavor of fennel, rosemary and garlic.


Storage Temperature

4° C/+6° C


from 6 to about 13 Kg