Among the Tuscan salamis, a special niche is undoubtedly the one reserved for the sbriciolona. ​​Experts claim that it originated at the time when fennel seeds were used to preserve cured meats because pepper was a rare and expensive commodity.

It is a typical Tuscan sausage, which takes its name from the fennel seeds that are added to the mixture consisting of trimmings of the ham, pork cheek, bacon and pork shoulders that are ground to medium grain and seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, and stuffed into natural casings.

The sbriciolona is left to mature for about a week in a heated environment, allowing the air to be exchanged several times a day; after maturing which lasts at least 2 months, the product is ready for the table. It is preferable to consume it with Tuscan bread and wine.


Storage Temperature

+8° C/+12° C


da 0,5 - 3 – 5 Kg. circa